Sieger Level Pack


When the great Sir Isaac Newton set to writing his Principia Mathematica in 1685, it’s fair to say he had no idea that future generations would take his ideas and create electronic games employing his principles of physicsto destroy virtual castles on desktop computers. Yet that’s just what they did, and last year, legions of players were able to get their castle destruction fix thanks to a unique projectile tossing game calledSieger. Unlike other titles like Crush the Castle and its ilk, Sieger featured a precise first-person system where players targeted a series of structures that shattered and splintered like so much balsa wood. The game proved to be quite popular, leading Anton Fedoruk of Warspark to answer the demands of players around the world for more with the new Sieger Level Pack.

For those unfamiliar with the original game, the object of Sieger is to destroy all the bad guys by taking out their structures with carefully-placed mouse clicks. Once structures are damaged, gravity, mass, and momentum usually does the rest, much to the esteemed Sir Isaac’s satisfaction. You earn points and medals by being careful and efficient with your shots, avoiding fragile hostages and conserving your precious ammo. Beyond the standard game there is a robust level editor, and a community to share and play levels with.

Controls: Mouse = Aim and Shoot

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