Learn to Fly


In Learn to Fly, by Light Bringer, you play as a penguin who looked himself up on Kiwipedia and took the whole “flightless bird” comment as a mortal insult. So he decides that he’s going to learn to fly, presumably so he can visit whoever wrote that and give them a stern talking to.

The controls couldn’t be easier. Press [left] to tilt back, [right] to tilt forward. For the first few days, you’ll just want to keep your bird as flat as possible, so that he skips like a stone on the surface of the water. Once you buy the first glider, though, you’ll see a bit more strategy, as a slight tilt adjustment can make a big difference in how you fly. And when you get the rocket, you’ll be tapping the space bar with surgical precision to get the most out of your limited fuel.

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